List of products by brand Audo Copenhagen

Audo Copenhagen is a Danish design brand born in 2021 from the merger between Menu and by Lassen, two historic companies in the furniture and lighting field. Audo Copenhagen reflects both a centuries-old Scandinavian design tradition and a modern, global vision, continually expanding and evolving. The collection includes furniture, lamps and accessories with a minimalist and sophisticated design, made with high-quality materials and functional details. Audo Copenhagen is based on a collaborative spirit and the desire to create a community of designers, artists, architects and design enthusiasts. The brand is based in Copenhagen, inside the Audo House, an innovative concept that combines showroom, residence, restaurant, shop and work space in a single creative universe. Audo Copenhagen is inspired by the philosophy of soft minimalism aesthetics, characterized by clean lines, calm tones, subtle strength and natural materials. The brand offers a range of products that adapt to different architectural styles and contexts of use, both residential and commercial, and which are designed to last over time and accompany the different phases of life.